What’s the ‘best’ CD ripper?

Juan Carlos Espinosa Agudelo December 22, 2012
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Now, I know that saying ‘best’ might be a bit wrong, considering there’s probably no ‘best’ CD ripper, but I would like to know which software/program would be best to rip songs off a CD in good quality, i.s. FLAC or mp3.

Here on MakeUseOf I’ve tried to find an answer, but it gave me a list of various options, rather than a decisive decision.

On the Best of Windows Software page I see CDex and Exact Audio Copy.
An article 3 Best Dead Simple Programs To Rip CDs [Windows] 3 Best Dead Simple Programs To Rip CDs [Windows] Read More suggests CDex as well, but also iTunes, fre:ac and in commentary WMP and EAC.

Which would you guys suggest for good quality files?

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