What’s the best software to convert speech to text?

23 Jul 2012
Chrome 15
23 Jul 2012 | Windows | Chrome 15

I need some software to convert audio to text, what would you recommend?

I saw a previous answer by member “MCsquared” on March 8, 2012:

I down-loaded expressscribe from NCH (u need speech recognition already set up -USE ID 0) -options, speech-to-text.
I used a sync folder (read the help from the program) the program will down-load whatever additional software it needs (e.g. ffmp3 if you are using MP3 format).
I used conversion software and output to the sync folder (the program automatically detects (or click the synch button) then will convert the speech (speech-to-text in notes section) I let it run overnight (7 hours) it completed all 10 (each 1 hour long) class lectures. The text is not perfect but it is easier to change or delete the parts I don’t need for lecture notes.

If some could give me a breakdown of what “MCsquared” is talking about and provide step by step instructions that would be great.

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