What’s the best password manager for my mother?

Keefe K January 27, 2014
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This is for my mom, not myself! I’m satisfied with LastPass, but my mother isn’t very tech-savy or trusting of information stored online. She can never remember any of her passwords, and as you can imagine, the ones she does are used over and over again, and are very insecure. So I ht I’d ask around to find out what would be best for her. I have the following criteria that’ll need to be met for it though:
•Must be offline (she is paranoid of the internet)
•Must be easy to use
•Must be compatible with Google Chrome

And then there are a few thing I’d kinda like it to do as well:
•Generate secure passwords
•Automatically store login information
•Automatically fill in login info

I realize that this is a tall order to fill, but I ask because it’s what she wants, and the best thing I can do is ask around. Thanks for the help ahead of time! Also, please don’t respond with arguments about why she should use online password managers…I do not need convincing on that topic. I have tried to explain to her on multiple occasions of the safety systems set in place, but no points will turn her opinion.

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