What should I do after falling for a fake IT support scam?

Withheld April 2, 2013
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Oh, man, I probably made a huge mistake last week. We were at the end of a long, tired day and ready to go out when this Indian guy calls and fast talks me into checking my computer for viruses etc. To make a long story short, I got suckered into letting him do a random access search on my computer. He had me go into “event.ventvwr” and showed me all the problems I had – and my computer WAS being very slow.

I was charged $199.99 for a year to keep my computer “working without any problems” and went out the door to dinner. I ended up with second thoughts on such a high price, so I asked to be downgraded to the three month trial of $69.99. Yesterday, I tried to update Flash Player and couldn’t exit out of the command so I went panic mode and figured I’d probably been duped.

I have requested all my money back, did a search finding others (not recently) who did the same thing with the same feelings. I changed my bank account password, found I had a “first user” on Google Chrome which I hadn’t added, changed my administrator password, and probably royally messed up my computer beyond what this guy probably did. Help! I’m worried sick. I have two computer savvy sons and I’m embarrassed to call them!

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