What should I consider when choosing a new processor?
Question by Jorge Yort Rosal /

What do I need to know when choosing a new processor for my desktop?

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Answers (25)
  • Prashant Mirjankar

    Step 1. Know your needs
    Step 2. Know your budget
    Step 3. Now the list of processor is small select one

    Thank you

  • Alison Gent

    Mostly your motherboard, but I also find then when shopping for a new part make shore it integrates into the other parts that you already have. Also consider the use of the processor. What will you be using it for, regular internet surfing and word? gaming? or graphic design? Get one that fits your needs and your components.

  • luis donis

    intel core i7

  • Giggity Goebbels

    Good bang for buck processors in the lga1155 family will be the xeon e3-12XX V2 ivy bridge,they are priced at i5 but performs at i7 speed.yes must have V2 or else is sandy bridge

  • Giggity Goebbels

    Clock speed,socket,cache,and the obvious numbers like i5 is better than i3.

  • Sashi Peiris

    Mainly speed (gigahertz) i would recommend the Intel core i7

  • Saumyakanta Sahoo

    first check for compatibility with motherboard then the no.of cores, frequency, features such as hardware supported virtualization etc , cache memory , power usage(if u r concerned about electric bills) …

  • Arun Vishnu

    you may consider these things-
    clock speed
    socket layout
    power usage

  • rohit pandey

    first off all u have to choose the brand .
    brand need s to be trusted like amd or intel.
    choose the no. of cores along with the processing speed.the main thing is that you have to choose the best processor parallel to the your hardware.

  • James Graham

    Along with the great suggestions to first check your motherboard and compatibility… I look at the prices. You’ll see jumps between the processors. You look at one, but the next one up is only $30-40 more…then then next one up is again about $40 more…then the next one up jumps to $120 more. It’s the processor before the sudden price jump that I save up for.

    Also take a deep breath and realize that as soon as you buy it…that more expensive one will drop in a few months.

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