What mobile tool can I use to encrypt files stored in the cloud?
Question by Chris M /

So, I want to encrypt any files I store in the cloud. I want to be able to access them, though, from mobile also. I’ve used True Crypt, but I can’t find a mobile version of it.

Anyone know of a reliable tool to do this?

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Answers (4)
  • Jan F

    I found Viivo via online search but I don’t have any hands on experience.

    My general opinion is if files are sensitive to the point they require encryption you shouldn’t store them in the cloud. Setup a little server or NAS and connect via VPN from your mobile device or better, don’t access them from the internet and a mobile device at all.

    After all you never really know about backdoors in third-party encryption tools.

  • Hovsep A

    which mobile is and OS?

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