Daniel Adam

What is wrong with my internet connection?

02 Jun 2012
Firefox 12
02 Jun 2012 | Windows | Firefox 12

My internet provider is a local area network, and in my household, the internet connection goes in a router connecting our three computers. We’ve been using this set-up for years, and it’s worked great, until recently. Starting at various hours at night, the internet begins to perform at increasingly lower speeds, until it stops altogether.
This is where it gets weirder. When I take the internet connection out of my router and plug it directly into my computer, with all that entails, it works perfectly. When I try to plug it into the other two computers, on the other hand, it doesn’t work at all.
I’ve talked to the internet provider about this, and they’ve sent someone down multiple times to check the connection and the computers, but everything checked out each time. They’re effectively clueless. They have no idea what’s causing this.

I don’t know how to proceed. I’ve considered changing providers, but unfortunately I don’t have any good alternatives where I live.
So I have to ask, if any of you know, what is wrong with my internet connection?


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