What is wrong with my Google search in Firefox?
Question by Erikson Chen /
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After I perform search at Google.com, the site address is not Google.my instead appear as Google.ca.

Also, after I perform search at Firefox Google search bar, the results do not show at Google search engine result page, instead appear as default Google page.

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Answers (7)
  • Nikhil Chandak

    re-install Firefox ..

  • donny

    I have same problem here, when I try to search from firefox search bar on my laptop there is no result appear, but when I try to search from firefox search bar on my friend's laptop everything works normal, I'm not live in canada, I live in Indonesia

  • TheNetworkedOne

    Does your IP address point to Canada? If not, your host file may be hijacked by malware.


    Hello, first question I have is, Do you live in Canada? If you do, that is why you get google.ca. The reason this is so, is so that you can get search results tailor to your location. Is this a new browser installation? When you open firefox for the first time, it will give you a choice to pick google.com or google.ca. If you picked google.com that time, then that is going to be your default page, not google.ca.

    With regards to performing a search in search bar, what search engine is set as default?

  • guthagowtham

    Are you using a VPN which turns your IP Address to Canada ? It might be the reason because Google knows from which country you are using it. And by this it opens the respective page.


    Some malware might have crept in your computer. Go through the link, you'll observe a list of best free anti malware products. Go download and install them with real-time protection disabled.


  • Kyem Ghosh

    did you download a developers version of FF? They contain a loads of bugs.... Download a fresh copy of FF from its site.... And obviously scan for malwares as said by istoopkid

  • iStoopKid

    Sounds like you may be infected with malware and your host file may have been tampered with. Download Malwarebytes http://www.malwarebytes.org/ , install it, update the virus database (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP), and perform a Quick Scan (if you're in a rush). If you have an hour or so free then do a Full Scan. Make sure you're connected to the internet and after the scan is completed, chose the option to remove the infected files and allow it to reboot your system. If the problem persists, check back and we can see what else is going on and try to find a solution.

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