What is the better browser for Windows 7: Firefox, Chrome, or Opera?
Question by Lisa Santika Onggrid /

I’m using Opera Mini on all my mobiles and liking it. I use Firefox for my laptop and PC and have grown spoiled by the extensions. I’ve never used PC version of Opera.

I’m willing to change if it’s worth it. So which one do you think is the best, with its advantages and disadvantages (the Windows version)?

Is it true that Opera saves you bandwidth? Please tell me your experience if you have a favorite browser and why.

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Answers (52)
  • Boobathy

    anybody checked the memory usage of both browsers…

    Chrome will consume most of the physical memory compare to firefox….

    As they said…. customize : FF…. Speedy: Chrome…

  • maria

    chrome . of course. good one.

    firefox always break

  • mohit kumar

    For normal browsing, use Opera on desktop. It’ll save tons of bandwidth if you use “turbo mode”. For transactions and banking sites, use Firefox.

  • Sathya Murthy

    Even though Firefox is good, Google chrome is light weight and works faster compared to Firefox

  • Emily Anderson

    Definitely chrome.
    Btw, I found a browser which is just as cool that’s called Torch, where you can download tons of videos, it’s just terrific!

  • Francisco de Gusmão

    Opera is the best for browsing online, althought not for a long shot (the other ones are great, too!). The problem is that nowadays we use the browser for much more than just browsing, and that’s where chrome beats them all. The application store provides an organized way to use apps/webapps wich gives chrome a great advantage for the race of the best browser.

  • mohit kumar

    If you’ve slow internet connection, use Opera’s turbo mode.

    If you want to use addons, use Firefox.

    If you don’t want to use any addons, use Chrome.

  • Bill Maginnis

    I was a big Firefox proponent for years and really enjoyed the sync option so bookmarks, tabs, passwords, history were all synced on other instances of Firefox. Then, started using Android phones and more and more Google services. Installed Chrome browser (on Windows and Linux) and fell in love with its ability to sync extensions, bookmarks, etc. and its speed. I avoid using IE at all costs at work – only sites that REQUIRE IE.

  • Marius Halalae

    Chrome would be the best browser!

  • Luke Blache-Fraser

    I personally like Chrome because it is very light and loads pages very quickly.

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