What is the best free VPN app for Android?
Question by Osama Javaid /
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Since YouTube is blocked in my country, I am using Hotspot Shield on my PC. The Hotspot Shield Android app is almost useless and it never connects or asks me to download adware.

So I want a completely free Android VPN app with no restrictions on data usage and no adwares. Any suggestions?

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Answers (16)
  • Faizan Ali

    hey there,
    I have Samsung HTC One X and i have been using Panda Pow VPN on this device. If you want to more options i suggest you follow @susendeep dutta link as i found mine on the same site as his.

  • krocomike

    There is not one best vpn service, there are more. I used many VPN services but at this moment I'm looking for something cheaper. Here is a VPN review website http://starvpnreviews.com/

  • Alastair Cock

    Here is the list of some vpn providers are offering best free vpn service for android

  • Alastair Cock

    Free VPN's will record everything you do and sell your personal information to anyone that wants' to buy it. They may also place malware on your computer that hackers can use to take over you machine with. Pay some money and get a reputable VPN service. Free isn't worth the cost.
    I am using vpn services of HideMyAssVPN. The basic reason to use this VPN provider is that I am getting ultimate freedom on the internet in terms of security and anonymity.
    Click here to read more about Top Paid VPN Providers http://www.virtualprivate-network.com/

  • Alex Hertz

    My previous comment crumpled.

    I guess there is always free cheese in a mousetrap!!! I mean most free vpn apps are about adware, disconnections, tons of advertisement, even spyware. If you need stable and fast vpn connection which is not over expensive, you can google for Seed4.Me Private vpn club.

    I also think that they are quite safe because no additional software needed, when I was in Germany I simply setup PPTP connection in Android Settings and turned it on when needed.

    Unfortunately they work only by invitations, which is now unavailable in public. Here are some seed4.me invitations:


    Sorry guys, I have only 5 invitations left :( Anyway, you are welcome!

  • excavator12

    Tunnelbear http://www.tunnelbear.com/,

    It has desktop and mobile apps. It's the easiest VPN I've used. one click and you're on and using youtube or netflix for whatever. I have a VPN that I pay for that I don't use as often as this because this is just easier to turn on when I just want to watch TV.

    I think you get 500mb a month, but if you tweet about them you get another 1GB free...pretty good.

    it's speed is also pretty fast. I stream HD videos and they come in quickly, andin good quality.

  • Aska Nag

    I use Hotspot Shield VPN. Easy, convenient, safe and also good functionality.
    Note: Supports Android 2.x/4.x OS, no support for Android 3.x.
    Best regards!

  • Jacques Knipe

    I personally love DroidVPN
    It has a pretty straightforward interface and is simple to use.

  • ha14

    Free android VPN - for non Rooted devices

    Best free working Android VPN Service (1.5 GB per month)

  • Junil Maharjan

    i hear hotspot shield was good.

    • Reema Zzia

      Hidemyass is the best one


    • mark sabastian

      If you use hotspot shield it will rouine your privacy with thousands of adds on your whole screen and slow down your device. In the end you will install it jus as I did to get rid of these adds. I have uses almost all free vpns and now I switched to private internet access inspired by it's features like internet kill awitch , ipv6 leak and DNS leak protection you can read more about these privacy protection tools provided by pia vpn on that page vpnanalysis.com/private-internet-access-review/

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