What happens with my original software when I re-install Windows?
Question by sanaan bin mohd sanaan /
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I have Windows 7 64-bit installed on my 1 TB Seagate hard drive. My motherboard was not working, but with warranty Intel gave me a new motherboard and I have booted Windows with my hard drive.

So I want to reinstall Windows 7. I have original software installed on my Windows 7. If I reinstall Windows 7, should I buy software again?

I have original keys of Advance System Optimizer, Cyberlink Power Director 11 Deluxe, and 123 Copy DVD Gold.

Can I re-install Windows 7?

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Answers (25)
  • Anonymous

    You can re-install them if you have the serial keys.

  • Finnhs Hs

    Yes , you can , just back-up The Software To An EXTERNAL Device (USB , Thumb
    Drive , CD , DVD or any other type of portable media)

  • Richard Samuel

    Hi mate,

    If you want to reinstall windows 7 and also you want to save your original software then i would say check the product key, as you said you have product key then you can go ahead and reinstall windows 7 after that go online and download the copy of software from respective website and activate with the product key.

    All The Best.
    Let us know if yo did it.

    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Re installing software with original keys is highly dependent on the Vendor eula. Some are quite lenient, others limit the number of installs to put a bite into pirating. My own experience with Adobe, for example, has been that in order to re-install, you must first un-install. That's not always possible with a dead HDD. HOWEVER, a call to customer service allowed them to do the disconnect/unistall from the server-side (un-authorized the dead machine) so my re-install could proceed normally. (The NetBIOS machine name obviously had to be different).

  • Adinamo Alex

    you reinstall all apps and then activate all of them with old keys.

  • Aditya Bhat

    if u reinstall u dont need to buy the software again
    but u have to backup your files like music and games and movies
    dont worry go ahead and reinstall or do a system restore
    it will help u a lot!!
    pls like

  • Kylee Kanavas

    Most likely if you reinstall an op sys, then its going to whipe your hdd. But if you have purchased those programs im sure you could reinstall them, afterward.

  • Vivek Yadav

    dude, If you have the win7 installation disc, you can use the “upgrade” instead of the “custom” install method. I believe that the upgrade option is dependent on your flavor of win7 i.e. professional, ultimate, etc.. As to repurchasing the software, absolutely not. The software should be able to be downloaded or reinstalled again from disc. If the key won’t register, then contact the customer support for the company and explain your situation, they are usually pretty cool about things like this.

  • Nevzat Akkaya

    Unfortunately not all softwares can be installed later even if you have the serial. If you get the software with a promotion, as a giveaway, a time-limited campaign, you may not be able to install some of them because some software do check for availability of the promotion, do time-check, hardware check, so they can't be installed/activated again. However if you have bought the software, I'm sure you can install/activate whenever you want (on the same computer, of course).

  • Jack Schiff

    As variant, reinstalling is not nessesary. Old Windows and programs can be just run on a new mobo. Previously, or if Windows is loaded, install new drivers for the chipset, etc.

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