Rajaa Chowdhury

What do you think will be the Android version name?

10 Nov 2012
Chrome 23
10 Nov 2012 | Windows | Chrome 23

We all know that the Android version are named after desserts and every successive version starts with the next English alphabet to the previous version name.

So this time it is the turn of the letter “K”. Some desserts, whose name starts with the letter K are Kulfi, Kataifi, Kheer, King cake, Kourambiethes, Kolaches,
Kirschtorte, Key lime pie, Koulourakia, Kaiserschmarrn, Kunefe, Kabak Tatlisi, Kayisi Tatlisi, Kourabiedes, Khalva, Kogel mogel, Kahlua chocolate cake, etc.

Please suggest more name of desserts which start with letter K and suggest which one do you think will be the name of the next Android version following JellyBean. My bet is on Key Lime Pie. :)

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