What do you think about internet piracy, SOPA & PIPA?

Erlis Dhima November 13, 2012
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Hello everyone! I just thought doing this “question” since it’s a topic I really like!

Some time ago, MegaUpload got closed, and the owner got jailed due to copyright infringement, internet piracy and so on. A lot of other sites due to being afraid, limited their sites functions and so on!

Some people think this is the right thing to do, some people think that the internet life is being in danger! Some say, sharing is the only way to spread the information!

But, in the future I might be a professional programmer or game developer, and I don’t want that my game or software being “stolen” by others. So, what should I do!

One thing would be, to have some people check online sites for stuff without copyright rights, and use the appropriate tools to remove the content!

But, as many will agree with me on this, is the fact that in many countries, people can’t afford to buy a game or software! So, for example I can’t afford to buy antivirus, which probably might cost at least $50. So, I use a cracked version of it! It’s not my fault that the company of that antivirus is not able to create a software uncracked! Also, software and other stuff should be with different prices for different places! If I want to buy an antivirus for example (suppose $50), I need to work 3 days at least, and that’s just if I have a good job. But happens that you can’t find even a job to live. Even if you have a lot of capabilities, it also depends on the country you live and its ‘rules’. So, it’s not a simple thing to buy a software that it will be with the same price as in U.S.A for example, where there are people that needs to work only a day for it.

Also, we have to say, that SOPA & PIPA follows the rules of American law! But why does the world have to follow this precise rules? There must be other countries to give their opinion on this, I think!

That’s why I think that this is not a hundred percent right. But anyway, please give your opinion! Also, we know that some companies, or if we take singers, live their music to be shared everywhere, so they can get more fans! Even though this means copyright infringement!

Please, give your opinion about this! I would really appreciate it!

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