Laura Mosher

What do I need to know before I replace the hard drive on Macbook Pro?

29 Dec 2012
29 Dec 2012 | Mac | Safari

Is there anything I need to do, excluding saving info, before I replace the hard drive on Mac Book Pro?

I tried to get rid of Mountain Lion using the wrong utility and now I can’t un-mount, erase or re-format the pseudo disks I apparently created trying. Can’t re-write the block on the disk. Can’t change permissions because it’s saying the disk has unrecognized file format and/or no files.

I wasn’t able to use the recovery disc. I tried fsck and v-bros also. I was told there is nothing I can do to fix it, which is likely not true, but will take me a year to figure out how! A new hard drive was cheaper than Apple repair places around here which are also very limited.

I have a tear down step-by-step instruction guide with pictures (bonus).

Anyone have any tips before I venture forward?

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