What can I do if my laptop fails to turn on after cracking the screen?
Question by Joanna /
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I cracked my laptop screen by closing it too hard. I could still use it by connecting it to my home computer monitor. Then, it just stopped coming on all together. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Answers (19)
  • Adrian

    MAKE IT DESKTOP. Use a monitor + Wireless keyboard and mouse!

  • Tech geek

    I prefer you to check that your bios screen show or not, if isn't so your motherboard was die if it show reinstall os.

  • Dinesh Pawar

    Go 2 a computer repair shop nd get ur screen checked nd replace ur lappy's screen wid a new 1

  • Achraf Almouloudi

    If it was working that way for multiple reboots then it stopped I could say you probably have a new issue with your COMPUTER so, can you see the boot screen ? or do the lights turn up ? can you hear the hard drive.

  • Martin

    I've cracked my screen on my MacBook (similar model from the looks, only mine is white). I found a Youtube tutorial that showed how to replace the LCD. I ordered a screen from ebay. Still working fine. Here's the video I watched (part one of two). Good skill to learn.

  • Anonymous

    A new laptop may be cheaper than a screen and labor. You can hook up to a monitor and pull off your data.

  • Mihovil Pletikos

    do you hear anything from your laptop? do you hear hard drive working? is there something wrong with power connector?

  • John McClane

    You can replace the monitor if it is simply cracked. The fact that you cannot use it while plugged into an external monitor insinuates some underlying issue. It maybe something as simple as changing the input setting on your monitor, to some damaged part due to excessive force. If your comfortable opening the laptop, buy a new lcd online (ebay is a good place to start, just be cautious who you buy from) and then go on youtube to see how to open your computer. This would be the most cost effective solution. If your still under warranty then send it back to your vendor, but it may not be covered as accidental damage is not part of a standard warranty.

  • Marc Gilbert

    Buy a new one... less expensive than a new screen with part(s) and labor. Have the hard drive removed and given to you and purchase a ubs adapter that lets you use the hard drive from the other computer as a "bare" drive to retrieve files. With a new one you can also use that monitor as an extended desktop.

  • Fww Sebastien

    You can simply order the new screen and replace it yourself.

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