What can I do if my Facebook account was blocked by a Facebook Admin?
Question by Lovelyborneo Trips /
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I can’t anymore login to my account because it was blocked by Facebook itself. I can’t remember violating any rules and guidelines and this pissed me off. I can’t bear to make another account for lots of good reasons. Please help me get back to it. What can I do?

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Answers (18)
  • Rajesh Dua kanta

    Plz reopen my block facebook I forget my password plz make it

    • Amber

      Hi. My facebook account was disabled by one of my sister's who I had to block because she kept telling me to get rid of my profile picture who i was with my fiancee in the picture so I deleted the picture because she snatched my phone off of me. Now my fiancee decided to upload the same picture again when I told him not to because she'll do something (she's Controlling) and I was out and she was sending me abusive text messages through text saying she was going to shut my facebook down and I said do it then but I didn't think she'd do it but then suddenly my facebook signed out and so did my messenger ( she has control of my other sisters facebook whom I had on messenger and facebook and she changed her password) I have sent my ID picture to facebook and they basically believe I'm a impersonator of myself because she reported me for impersonation. I really need help getting it back and facebook never said if it was permanent or temporary.

  • meeta janyani

    please help me my facebook account was not opening along from 7 days and i dont know the photos which are tagged me and i want to open my account its important for me plz try to help me to open my account...

  • khruku

    my account is blocked and i don't remember the tagged photos of my friends. please help.

  • Vedavyas Paruchuri

    You may contact the facebook support team or you try to change the password by clicking forgotten password on facebook login page..

    • tinas

      How would you recommend them to contact Facebook support? Do you know an email address or contact form? Have you tried that yourself?

    • janice

      I'm blocked for 3 nude posts fb sent me them no nudity at all they was of my late father on his birthday and snow

  • charles birton

    My facebook account was temporarily blocked for thirty days. I have not violated any policy whatsoever. Is this the way Facebook treat its comsumers? If facebook can block at its' will, this is censorship. Facebook should be made to give a specific reason for blocking since this is a publis domain. I am reguesting a reason for my BLOCK!!!!!

    • Joe Manila

      the sad news is that he owns the network controlling almost a billion memberships world wide

      my profile has also been locked but I can not also recall violating any EULA of facebook...

      I would wish very much if somebody could advise what steps to take... they say it shall be locked for a month... this is so infuriating... censorship and dictatorship in a website being promoted by the Country who cultivated Democracies world wide... I can not see the justice if this organization punishes first and never provides space to hear defense against any charges against you nor provides you the accommodation to remove any postings they find unacceptable... this is scandalously frustrating...

  • Newell Fisk

    You will probably have to wait for a couple of days, if it still isn't better contact facebook.

  • Silhoutte James

    All you have to do is send an email to disabled@facebook.com inquiring about the reason that they disabled your account for (usually it’s a hater reporting your profile to be in violation of the EULA of Facebook) and explain your willingness to remove the violating content and if it was just a “clerical error” to reactivate your account.

    Other accounts to “CC” in your email:


    That usually does the job of getting your account back within a period of 2-5 days, depending on whether you actually had a violation or not, doesn’t that sound more like a country’s court system than a websites usage violation?

    Most common reasons for Account disabling?


    Showing too much cleavage if you are a women but men can almost get away with anything — love the commitment to the status quo of society!

    Adding too many friends, too quickly, getting a warning for it and ignoring it.


    You didn’t use your real name that is on your birth certificate!

    Browsing too much of Facebook too often, mostly due to apps like Snap2Face and others like it.
    and many many more!

  • Lovelyborneo Trips

    Good News guys! I got back my account! All I did was making sure that I know all the tag photos of my friends. all was just a guess as I can't remember all that were tagged. After which I have to enter my mobile phone number and received a code which i need to enter for final verification of my identity. all was set then! thanks all for the help.


  • ha14

    facebook decision is final, write to them and explain your doubts

    • Lovelyborneo Trips


      I wrote yesterday to support@facebook.com but I haven't got any reply yet...

    • ha14

      you have to wait facebook receive many emails per day and perhaps more than they can handle, consideralso to mail to their physical address in your country.

  • susendeep dutta

    If you are fully sure that you are innocent,then it might be that some of your post or messages has been marked as spam and many of your friends might have blocked you,so your account might had got blocked for this reason.

    You can appeal to Facebook by visiting the link below -


    Read the sentences mentioned in the link above and there is a link in that page on below part to submit your appeal.

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