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What are the best products that can filter out noise?

30 Jan 2013
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30 Jan 2013 | Windows | Chrome 24

In the schools I work in, at times, there are teachers who have trouble keeping the class quiet (especially the special ed kids – who are being grouped into larger and larger classes because this is ‘least restrictive’ – no speaking of the interactions and corresponding side effects on the teachers and of each other in putting these special ed ADHD, poor impulse control, emotionally disturbed, sensory over-reacting kids in the same room at the same tables).

Just wondering if anyone can suggest the best way to shelter kids from noise in a noisy classroom environment. Any suggestions are appreciated. Ideally, it would be great if there were some sort of earphones that could allow the teachers voice in, but not the other classroom noises generated by the kids. Or even, during work time, a pair of ear plugs or headphone muffs that were really effective at keeping out most of the noise.

Of course, ear phones with ‘easy listening’ music is another option – but then you need to worry about damaging their hearing (if volume levels aren’t monitored properly – which is very likely in classes with 25 to 32 kids). Are there any products you can recommend that easily allow a volume limit set by adults that the kids cannot surpass ?

Any particular product ideas or other ideas are greatly appreciated.

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