What are the best paid and open source PDF to ePub converters?

Kyem G July 26, 2013
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I love the iBook interface in my iPad, which looks almost like an original book when you read an ePub.

Yes, I do use Adobe Reader for PDF. But still I would like to convert my PDF files to ePub, such that I can read them in the iBooks with the book like interface.

PDFs in iBooks look pretty dull, but Adobe does a good job with customisable night, day modes like the iBooks. But still reading an ePub in iPad is a charm.

I have tried 3-4 PDF to ePub converters, but non worked fine for my iPad, as when I tried to open the converted ePubs in my iPad, it said ‘iPad does not support this ePub’ (it said not exactly the same as I said here but its near to it).

Please suggest me a good PDF to ePub converter, both open source and paid. Maybe MakeUseOf guys can say this better as they are publishing both PDF and ePub documents and the ePub works great in iPad!

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