What are good tools and techniques to pitch an idea?

15 Dec 2012
Firefox 14
15 Dec 2012 | Mac | Firefox 14

I’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about an idea, developing scenarios, needed features and revenue strategy. Most of it I’ve written down on Google Docs (12 pages) and soon I will pitch the whole thing to several people with which we can team up and make the product real.

I think the text I’ve written is nice quality and will give a good sneak peek of what the tool should do, but I believe presenting it just in text format might make it dull and not so memorable and engaging. PowerPoint or Keynote presentation is an industry standard for explaining ideas and plans for action, but 12 page document translated into a presentation would be too long and I don’t think presentation are meant for that long of a texts.

I would really appreciate your input on which tool and techniques to use to make my pitch nice, memorable and engaging.

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