What are good registry cleaners other than CCleaner and how can I speed up my PC?
Question by Zaid Mark /
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I am tired of CCleaner and top registry cleaning software that claim, but do nothing. Please suggest me some good, safe, and free registry cleaners.

Plus, please suggest me how to speed up my PC. There is nothing wrong with the Hardware. Operating system seems to be installed OK, but crazy lazy speed. Help me guys!

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Answers (34)
  • Venn

    Your pc can be speed up..first you shall clean C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
    and clear the recent items and log files.and now restart ur pc...gud luck.

  • Scott Macmillan

    I use Tuneup cleaner and I may be fooling myself but I do find an increase in speed on my system.

  • Diana Hill

    One more thing.. one the CC Cleaner.. do you have the free version or the full version? I use it and its pretty great. What specifically about it are you not satisfied with?

  • Diana Hill

    Have you dumped your temp files? I suggest you do it.. it helps..next, how much RAM are you running, can you install more RAM if so do it.. I get mine at Crucial, there is a great memory checker there, download and run it and it will tell you if you can then buy it. How many browser toolbar add ons are you running? Uninstall the ones that are not necessary. Lots of time you install a software and they install and add on toolbar that you dont need. Also go to speedtest.net and run a speed test.. it might not be your machine, it might be your modem or WIFi router. Have you upgraded your software for your router? You can check it to see if its out of date too.. if your speedtest is below what you were promised from your ISP then call them complain until you get an answer. I did, they sent me a new WiFi router free and gave me $120 credit. If the new Router doesn't fix the problem and your next speedtest isn't any good.. call them again and say Your not getting the speed promised on your plan and you find this unacceptable and need resolution with them, they will then send a tech to test your lines. If your lines are good and they cannot resolve the issue change your internet service provider. I am having the same problem now with verizon. You can also upgrade your ISP service plan at more cost monthly. Or you can switch companies. There are many. Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner are a few. A friend has time warner and their speed is twice mine. If mine doesn't get resolved on friday I am switching too. Hope these suggestions help you. Each plain at each price promises different speeds.. you can find that information on your ISP website. If your not meeting it take action

  • Tanveer Ahmed
  • Sudharshan Titan

    Actually, CCleaner is the only Program that knows how to handle a registry and clearing your privary...but since you have asked for an alternative.. I would suggest TuneUp Utiities.... its got everything at its best...its worth the money...but if you want something that is free..then go for Glary Utilites or Slimcleaner.... Trust these two are really good :)

  • Jamshid Rasulev

    Eusing Free Registry Cleaner not a bad one, but I prefer Wise Registry Cleaner Free

  • connie taggart

    I like Privaz er and its free. You can run a one click scan and repair.

  • Zaid Mark

    I am thankful to everyone out here for helping me out in this matter. I have tried all the tips being suggested by you and i can see a considerable change in performance of my PC. Here is a useful registry cleaner that i found at least too good to be true:

    Give it a try:


    • DalSan Mack

      Hello again. I would like to add this advice for you. If you decide to disable the indexing service, it will cause Windows Search to either fail at finding some results or would be very slow to search your drives. Windows indexing will suck way too much of your computer's performance to warrant it to be allowed to run, so using a better and faster search program would be necessary if you need to search for files. One of the best third party search programs is Search Everything found here: http://www.voidtools.com/. Just about every gamer out there will tell you how much gaming performance can be gained by disabling the indexing service as well as how much less the hard drive is accessed or running even without the user doing anything. I would, however, not touch the Superfetch service (depending on which version of Windows you use) because most times it will cause many programs to open slower than usual. Cheers.

  • Mahesh Tiwari

    Gizmo's is better for pc registery than any other

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