What are free alternatives to PowerPoint?
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I need a free alternative to PowerPoint to create a visual presentation.

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Answers (20)
  • Vinod Tiwary

    Ya Presentation is First and Very Very useful alternatives !!!!!!!


  • venn

    Presentation is the first and best alternative of PP.

  • Cinspeed6

    I use LibreOffice

  • Dimitri Angelov

    One free alternative to PowerPoint, and IMHO the best one, wasn't mentioned so far: FreeOffice.

    FreeOffice is a free office suite that includes inter alia a presentation program called FreeOffice Presentations. Why do I find it better than those of LibreOffice and others?
    The main reason is its interoperability. Whilst LibreOffice and all others don't display PowerPoint formats (ppt, pptx) properly, FreeOffice Presentations does. I never had any problems opening files, and they were displayed faithfully. When I created presentations with FreeOffice, and saved them as ppt, they looked exactly the same with PowerPoint.

    Second, it is small (less than 58MB, one third of LibreOffice).
    Third, it is blazingly fast.

    And more. Try it out, you can download it free for Windows and Linux at this website:


  • Winkyboy

    Try ImpressJS... kinda for nerds but there's an online interface for building the data.


  • Anne

    I've used Open Office in place of MS programs for years, with no problems and great functionality. Their version of PowerPoint is called Impress. I can speak for the other programs mentioned here, but one thing I like about OO is that work can be saved in the MS format so it can be opened anywhere.

  • Allan Mees

    Neooffice for Mac is a suite of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation it can open and save MS Office files. http://www.neooffice.org/neojava/en/index.php

  • Markus Klyver

    Free as in beer or free as in free speech?

  • Brian S

    I use Open Office whenever possible - it is almost compatible with power Point although I have found that the macros from Power Point do not always transfer correctly.

  • Jan M

    Prezi is free and online, and great to do presentations. Other is VideoScribe. Google them, it's worth it.

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