What app will let me view WordPress blogs?

29 Jan 2013
Windows 8
Chrome 25
29 Jan 2013 | Windows 8 | Chrome 25

I follow the twitter feed and sometimes find interesting post while I’m not near a computer. So then I open the site on my phone. Even though my phone has a rather big screen I sometimes find some things are not what they’re supposed to be. For example when I think about the bar at the top of the screen containing your personal info, you only see the things that you don’t care about. And if you want to see the interesting part you have to scroll out a lot (which makes it hardly readable)

I am an Android user, so it would also be nice for me to have a dedicated Android app that will open when I click on a MakeUseOf link (as an Android developer I know that is possible). Are there already apps that allow me to view WordPress Blogs (e.g. the MakeUseOf site) on my Smartphone?

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