Why does my webcam invert the picture?
Question by Marcy /

When I use my webcam my image is inverted. What do I have to do to get my webcam to show my picture on Skype rightside up?

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Answers (3)

    Hello, there have been questions similar to yours before.  Most times, if it was not the drivers, it was related to other programs like skype:



    What operating system are you running?  A few years back there were a few issues with webcams and Windows Vista.  It was so common that a hotfix was released.  Does it do the same with other applications like messenger, etc?  If it does, it has to be drivers.  If it does not, you better check the settings for skype.  Here is a link from the Skype forums:


    Are you running the most current version of Skype?  See if there is a newer version and install it.  Sometimes, you can try and reinstall the application to see if it fixes the problem.  If it was working ok under a previous version, see if you can downgrade.

  • Jay

    try :Skype > Options > Video Settings > Webcam settings > Advanced  toggle vertical mirror

    or check the settings of your webcam, if it can flip the image.

    or update your camera drivers if you can download from manufacturer’s site.

    If nothing works do a head stand. :)

  • Jeff Fabish

    Rotate your webcam 180° :P

    What webcam is it? It may be the driver. 

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