Why is my web cam not working with Skype or other video chats?
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Here’s just some information first before I go on with my irritating issue which I tried fixing but can’t seem to…

My notebook is an: Acer Aspire 6930 G
My internal web-cam is: Acer Crystal Eye Webcam
My anti-virus program is: AVG

My problem here is that when I try to have a video-chat my web-cam automatically denies and quits the action. Like for an example:

1. I tried using the Firefox browser (I got the newest Firefox with all updates for my drivers included the camera), while on Facebook, along with the Facebook Video-Call. I call my friend and both parts accept the request. Now what happens is it actually opens up the Skype window box then out of nowhere it suddenly exits and quits the video-window by Facebook/Skype. It says before the window-box disappears “conversation finished” when we even haven’t started.

2. I tried using my internal web-cam on Skype with a friend of mine. First I tried sending the request and then she tried, but the same action happened no matter who sent the request for a video-chat on Skype. Here’s what happened, the calling proceeds as it should nothing problem yet, she accepts nothing wrong yet and then my video-box area on Skype pops-up BUT as soon as it comes out the entire video-chat quits and exits itself. I checked if it was nothing with my Skype settings that might be the reason, but I can’t see anything wrong there either. I have let my friends see that I have a camera and that I let Skype use my camera. I even tried doing just call meaning just talking through the mic with each other, but not even that worked..

Here’s what I tried so far: I have deleted and then reinstalled Facebook video-calling but that didn’t help. I have also checked if my firewall through AVG is the issue but I’ve given the green light for both the camera and the usage of it on Facebook with the video-chat option and on Skype too. I have also checked if it’s in the system and updated which it is on both parts. So can anyone PLEASE help me fix this problem. Oh and just to add something, I opened the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam for itself and I can see myself with it. I checked also when I went through settings on Skype on the video-calling section I can also see myself there too. I’ve wrecked my brains trying to figure out and fix it by myself but nothing I do seems to work.. So for the love of God, can someone please anybody help me fix this cause this is so irritating that I can’t even have a video-call or even just talk with something through the usage of only the mic..

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