Which web browser is the fastest?
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What is the fastest web browser that I can download to get the fastest results, i.e. to bring up websites fast.

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Answers (83)
  • Nathan

    I think Chrome, then Firefox then IE 9 then Safari but I would go for Firefox 4.00 (very fast but not as fast as 5.00) but the reason i would go for it is because McAfee site advisor works with it and is the only one that you don't need to install an addon for it to work.

    P.S This is only my opinion really this debate could go on forever as it is really down to what your system is like.

  • Chan Kong Loon

    My pick is Internet Explorer. My Firefox and Ghrome keeps crashing but IE does not.

  • jumaa

    what are the best browser which can give me fast result.

  • Jonel Roncales of Philippines.

    in years past and in my reviews, no doubt the most famous internet browser is MOZILLA FIREFOX! but? why we should go to the most famous? if we are looking for the fastest? right!.

    in downloading. no doubt it's OPERA and M.F
    in buffering sites. like YT. and other video sites no doubt it's GOOGLE CHROME
    in protections like spyware and viruses it's M.F

    FASTEST.SAFEST.RELIABLE web browser is?.......

    - Google Chrome :)

  • Xbox27elite

    Chrome is faster but it crashes a lot. Depending what connection you have.

  • Reby sharma

    chrome is the fastest browser in the world 
    if any browser is faster than chrome then send me a mail in reby.brajesh@gmail.com

  • Tajai Perry

    opera is best for internet surfing
    crome is good for youtube and facebook
    internet explorer is only good for porn

  • Yackar

    i watched this test vid that had something to do with fish and, though the most hoggy with memory, google had the lowest fps. Opera had the highest fps for the longest. opera wins.

  • goo le

    avant browser is the fastest


    there is a fantastic browser called MAXTHON

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