How can I use my WD Elements drive with my Samsung HDTV?

K December 3, 2011
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I’ve seen similar posts to this but cannot figure out the answer either, so I’ll ask my question afresh.

I have the WD Elements SE portable 1TB HD and my Samsung TV won’t read any of the files on it. However, it DOES see that it the HD is there.

I have 3 sorts of files on the har drive – .avi, .mv4 and .mp4.

The HD is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

All three sorts of files work when I connect the HD to my computer (Mac).

I have seen a lot of speak about formatting to Fat32, but three issues with this – one, I don’t know what this means; two, I don’t know how and three, I’m concerned if I do this then my Mac will no longer read the drive (or however I should technically describe this) and thus that I won’t be able to actually PUT the files on the HD in the first place.

SO – what I want to be able to do is save the files to my HD, then plug it into the TV and watch them. Very, very basic wish, but seems not a basic way to get to it!

I’m sorry if the answers to my questions are very obvious but I’m not much for computer tech-speak, and when I went searching for the HD in the first place the guy I bought it off assured me it would be capable of doing what I want (eg, save movie files to it and watch on computer) without any issues.

I’m willing to accept that he may have been way off (though he said he does it, so not sure?), so now I’m looking to understand what I need to do to make this happen.

Any answers would be great, and in plain English speak please… and hopefully in an easy-to-do way for laymen like me!

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