How can I watch programs recorded on TV on my computer?
Question by M Hogarth /

How can I watch a program that I have recorded from my Samsung 3D TV on my computer? It says it needs to be formatted on each device. Is there any software that I can install on my Windows 7 computer that will enable me to be able to watch on both?

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Answers (7)
  • Mjevolve

    hello .
    as windows is failing to identify the drive , 
    you can try this .

    >> download Puppy Linux (  )
    its a linux distribution and is very small in size and fast and light .

    >> get it onto a USB drive ( just follow the simple instructions in the link mentioned )
    and then Boot your PC into Puppy Linux .

    >> when Puppy linux starts , plug in your HDD .
    it might Recognize the drive .( i think it should ..! )
    and then explore the contents of the drive and just copy paste what you want onto your PC’s hard drive .

    >> restart the PC normally into Windows .
    locate the pasted files , 
    and now its just a matter of the right player or the right codecs that will play the file .
    try KMPlayer , VLC Player , Media Player Classic …..
    they support plenty of formats and codecs .

    it might work …

  • Tina


    were you able to find a solution for your question here or do you need more help? Please let us know. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    You have a 3D TV.  Wow.  Are they expensive?  We just got updated to HDTVs around the house.  I suppose they are outdated now?  We like to do the opposite that you’re talking about, and that is watch TV from our PC.  It seems there are lots of reasonably-priced softwares available for doing this. It sure beats paying $55 per month for a basic cable service.


    Hello, you can watch pretty much anything on your computer regardless of where it was recorded.  It is just a matter of having the right codecs.  What format was used to record the program?  You will probably need a multimedia converter to convert your program to a format suitable for your computer.  Without knowing more facts, it is hard to give a complete answer.

    • M Hogarth

      Hello… the problem is that when i plug the hdd into my tv, as it can record progs on to the hdd like having a sky+ box but it had to be formatted with the tv. But when I plug the hdd into my computer it also says it needs to format the device so I would loose all the data on it. What I’m wanting is some software for my pc to enable me to read the hdd that is formatted with the tv.. its a samsung UE40 C7000 3D tv, can you help or point me in the right direction?
      thanks :D


      Hello, have you updated your firmware so that you can use the PC Share Manager?  Go to the link below and download the software.  Install the software on your computer.  Make sure that you download the right software for your operating system.  If you have windows 7, I would say you can use the software for Vista.

      Once you install this firmware on your computer and your TV is also connected to the internet, you should be able to see the contents of your HDD in your computer without having the need to connect to it.  The following link will show you what you need to to, to configure PC Share Manager:

      Hope it helps.  

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