How can I watch polarized 3D videos on my computer monitor?
Question by Thiru /
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I have an Acer 18.5″ LCD Monitor. I want to see polarized 3D videos using 3D glasses on my computer monitor. I don’t know how. Please help me.

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Answers (30)
  • tmen

    Hello Thiru, it is very possible to watch 3d videos in a computer nowadays. There are several video cards that support this kind of feature already such as Nvidia, MSI and ASUS to name a few. You can check if your monitor is supported by these 3D video cards in this site:

    You'll also find a step-by-step guide on how to install 3D in your computer as well as the minimum system requirements in order to make this feature running.

    Thank you very much. :)

  • Rahul2champ

    can i convert samsung 20'' lcd monitor into 3D..??
    i also have nvdia graphix card 1GB.
    plz hwlp me Sir.

  • Alexis10

    What type of 3D content can I watch on an LCD laptop screen? In a FS Amilo Xi3650 especially. My GPU is Nvidia 9600GT and supports 3D vision. I bought a pair of cheap LGsomething 3D polarized glasses. Could it work???

    • Mike

      NVIDIA 3D Vision requires the original polarized glasses from NVIDIA. It won't work with "some" LG glasses. Also your laptops display needs to support 3D and has to be set to 120Hz refresh rate.

      You can find a list of supported Games and Apps at this page.

      To watch Blue-ray 3D on your laptop you also need an software player that supports 3D e.g. CyberLink PowerDVD 11.

  • wait

    ok, maybe I'm not understanding this correctly, but couldn't a 120HZ monitor display 2 images in alternating screens each at 60hz? That's exactly how the CRT monitors did it, and you could use the stupid cheap plastic glasses to do it. I know this because I OWN A GAME FROM THE 90s that did 3D on my computer CRT, you could watch a trex come at you in 3d with cheap glasses.

    I think that if they really tried they could get 120hz monitors to display 3D, but they'd rather sell us new tvs. Id pay like 100$ for a conversion kit for the LCD I own, but I'm not gonna junk a 40 inch, 120Hz, 1080p monitor for what is essentialyl a gimmic

  • Rayashton01

    what type of glasses do you need to watch side-by-side 3d video on computer screen?

  • Hello4448

    Yah IT's 10% True, Use Power DVD 11 Which hav "3d Enabled" Option.
    But U have 2 use nvidia 3d vision tech Graphics Card & Active 3d Glass.

  • ryazan

    the simple way is to use powerdvd 11 which converts 2d videos into 3d and u can watch 3d video wearing 3d glassess easy....

  • Dawoodishabbir

    is that true that we can watch 3d movies on our CRT monitors !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pip-h

    i have a simple monitor and watching all video with 3d player or convert them . u can body . those said u cant and u have to buy...or using a new 3d hardware just publication for thier product

    • Dnmeboy

      Did anyone notice that the OP as,Ed specifically about POLOARIZED videos? He asked if he could watch polarized videos on his regular pc monitor. He didn't ask about anaglyph 3d. Yes you can watch anaglyph on anything with a screen that will play it. Polarized 3d TVs have a specific lens that projects two images. You need a polarized display to watch polarized videos.

  • Help-

    im agree with u

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