Why can I not watch MP4 movies properly on my computer?
Question by Vigan Jashari /
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I can’t watch movies on my PC. Everything else works nice. The video is slow and the subtitles going faster. MP4 format tried in Windows Media Player and other players. It’s not about movie. Happens only on my PC.

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Answers (20)
  • Sashritha Peiris

    You need to use VLC Player. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html

  • Muz RC

    try to use gomplayer, i am using it for a many years and never found video that cannot be play...

  • Alisa Fish

    Are you sure there is nothing wrong with your videos.
    and then there are two ways for you to deal with this problem.
    1, you can install a powerful media player to play the movies. like KMplayer.
    2. convert your videos to the compatible videos for your pc player. and you can use the video converter I used long.

  • N LKX

    try converting the mp4 format to avi using converting softwares or something i recommend, format factory.

  • Cyra Calkhoven

    Use VLC or KMPlayer, they both play anything. No need to install codecs.

  • Easton Wiki

    Install VLC player to watch any video type.

    • James West

      While VLC works for any video file, it is unable to handle 720p and 1080p video files. I use Splash Lite for my HD movies.

  • James West

    Is the movie HD or Blue-Ray. If it is, than try Splash Lite, it's a good player for HD movies.

  • Anthony Monori

    Either you don't have the required codecs (try VLC player - it should run the file) or your graphics card is not so powerful. Try using VLC and report back with your system configuration.

  • Indronil Mondal

    use vlc disable gpu acceleration from preferences

  • Douglas Mutay

    You are using Windows Media Player to watch movies????

    • ViGi

      Douglas Mutay i tried MP and VLC. Nothing. Is my friends PC and i think is somthing about codecs pack. i will try that. Thanxs to all

    • Douglas Mutay

      Thanks to you too!

    • Kannon Y

      ViGi, there are two kinds of issues here:

      Issues dealing with the MP4 container format and issues dealing with video players. Regarding the MP4 container - that's exactly what it is, a container. It does not have a single codec specific to it. The Wiki on it is probably one of the most confusing reads in all of Wikidom. But the problem is likely related to a single MP4 file that used a funny video encoder. This problem can be bypassed, fortunately.

      My suggestion is to install Media Player Classic. I'll get to the reason why, but in case you want to avoid reading further, you can just install it with the link above.

      Regarding video players, there are two kinds: The first kind shares codecs with other players. So if you have a problem with a single codec it will effect all other players. Basically, trying multiple players will unfortunately do you no good, unless you use the second kind:

      The second kind use self-contained codecs, which limit issues to just a single player. Media Player Classic uses self-contained codecs. I believe GOM Player might also use self-contained codecs, but you would need to double check.

      Anyway, I think Douglas is right on the money on this one. Just change your media player to a self-contained type.

      Hope that was helpful. Good luck!

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