How can I watch movies on my TV that are stored on my external hard drive?
Question by marycork /
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I recently bought a freestyle Seagate external hard drive. I wish to watch my movies that I have stored on it on my TV. Do I need to buy a connection to do so? Thanks.

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Answers (69)


  • chris p

    i av films on a flash drive and i want to watch on tv but tv does not av a usb connecter socket is there a cable i can by instead

  • chris p

    i av films on a flash drive and i want to watch on tv but tv does not av a usb connecter socket is there a cable i can by instead

  • kelly

    People who know stuff about technology : I have a 2TB WD hard drive. I want to play the movies I have on it through my LG DVD player. I'm told I can do this but I need to download something to make it compatible. What do I do?

    • Bruce Epper

      Since you didn't provide a model number of your DVD player there will be assumptions made about what it can handle. With many LG DVD players, videos must be in AVI format using the DivX codec. There are many converters out there that can take video files in most formats and convert them to any of the other supported formats. These converters rely on the codecs that are already installed on your machine to do the repackaging. So, you will need to have the DivX codec installed (as well as the codecs that are used in the source file) which is available at and a converter such as FormatFactory ( The DivX site also offers a converter, but I believe that is a paid option to convert to a DivX file although other conversion options are available in the free (locked) version.


      Hello, can you provide us with the dvd player model? That way an answer tailored to your model can be given. Most times dvd players are able to play avi, divx and matroska formats.

  • lisko

    I have my movies on my computer and I want to watch them on different tvs around the house. All the tvs have an RJ45

  • Dannyburnell123

    can i wach films on my hard drive with a usb to hdmi adapter to my tv it doesnot have a usb port only hdmi

  • Nrooney

    One solution is to use an Xbox to stream from a nas device such as a wd my book. That what I do, works well. Either by wifi or ethernet.

  • Chris Sarkis

    Basically I have hundreds of DVD's and they are taking up a hell of a lot of room so I'm thinking about putting them on an external hard disk of a couple of TB and plugging that into my TV and was just wondering if that is possible?
    Another question is the software on the external hard disk, would it allow for a search function? Because trying to find a film by pressing down on a remote would take some time. 
    Or would it be simpler to use a laptop with a large hard disk and do it that way?

  • Scotwatson

    my hard drive used to work on my 3D surround sound player then i formated it and now it dosent what do i need to do to get it workin again?

    • loy

      I would guess reformat it in FAT32.. some older systems can't read NTFS

  • michael

    When I connect my external hard drive to my DVD player I can listen to the music or look at pictures when i click on the video it tells me no program find what do they mean by that

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