How can I watch movies on my TV from a pen drive?
Question by shiva /
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I got a new Samsung TV. However, I am not able to watch movies on the same, though I have a USB port. It says that it will support only pics and audio files. The TV can be connected to a PC or laptop.

Please give some suggestions how to play movies on my TV in a simpler way.

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Answers (4)
  • Puppydog446

    I can watch Xvid/AVI movie files on my XBox 360 via pen drive or disk. Even from my PC via network

  • Jeff Fabish

    Your TV does not support video formats, therefor (to my knowledge) can not play videos via USB. However, if your TV has a DVI/VGA port (and you have DVI or VGA cables) you can connect your laptop to the TV as if it were a native monitor. You may then launch a video on your laptop and watch it on the TV.

  • Mjevolve

    you should have checked this before buying the TV ,
    that does the TV support playing Video Files via a USB ...

    some TV sets can and some do not ..

    reason being simple -- the necessary codecs required to play a file need to be installed in the device .

    you can have a look at these type of Media Players -- WD Media Player (  ) .

    there are many other options available other than WD , just look for them .

    these mostly support many type of Input Devices and can handle a variety of Media Formats . (  depending upon the model one buys ....  )

    if these are expensive , 
    you can look for some cheap Chinese Media players like these , in your local market ...


  • Jay

    Which model of samsung it is ?

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