How can I watch movies on a Sony Bravia LED TV from a 1TB external hard drive?
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I have a USB port in Sony Bravia-40CX520. I can play videos from 8GB pen drive, but I cannot play videos from 1000GB external hard drive. Please suggest a solution.

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Answers (68)
  • George

    I have a sony LED TV.. but could not give sound after receiving channels and could not watch dvd but keep displaying NTSC unrated. Pls what do I do. I am in Nigeria

    • Susendeep Dutta

      You mean to say that DVD is not playing and there's problem with your cable signals?

      Then you might be facing two different problems which need to be solved.Take your DVD player to the place where you purchased it and ask for possible replacement(if under warranty).Regarding cable problems ask your cable operator for possible fixings.

  • anubhav varshney

    I want to play Movies from pan drive in My sony LCD.

    • Susendeep Dutta

      The better way is to format your drive in FAT format and store movies not more than 4GB size.

  • srikanth

    Sir, I am having sony led ex52 32 inch model tv. it has usb support drives but i cannot play movies over 4gb since it is in ntfs format but in fat32 it will be playing but over 4gb pen drive doesnt support fat32, plz tell the solution for this problem plz send any information of this prob to my mailid thanks

    • Bruce Epper

      Either split the file into multiple parts < 4GB or convert the movie file using Format Factory or similar programs to reduce the filesize to get it under the 4GB limit.

  • paul michael ochoa

    I have sony led internet tv.,also I have external hard drive 320gb,but the problem is all my movies can't play to my led tv..only photos can see..I'm not sure if my led tv is supported the avi format..because in my manual dvix only..what will you advise? Or going to do? Pls..

    • Susendeep Dutta

      As Fidelis suggested,Sony TV supports AVC/AVCHD/MPEG4 video formats.So,you can try playing the videos in these formats.

  • Chets_webby

    After all the 
    exFAT format, im not able to play the video. issue is with playback

  • Pb Varghese

    what has to be the movie format to store in pendrive

  • Sundar Bharadwaj

    I have Sony Media Player SMP-N100. Tried to plug in 60gb HD after formatting to exFAT still my player does not recognize... advice if any solutions

  • lenny

    Hi tina, i need a help,
    i am looking for a external hard disk which can store 8GB of movie files as i am not able to store in my toshiba external disk. i bought USB3.0 hard disk which i can store such files but not able to play in my bravia TV or in my sony bluray player, so please help me

    • Tina


      please read the answers above. You need to format your hard drive with FAT32. You can do that using various tools or simply create a partition that is smaller than 32GB to do it with the native Windows formatting tool.

  • Fgrockstar

    Atlibarda ,  Does  Sony Bravia LED 3D TV supports the 3D movies of   """" .mkv  '''''  format

  • Nikos

    The conclusion is that the my Sony KDL46EX72 does not support HDDs usb3 and NTFS partitions...I hope for un upgrade because fat 32 & usb2...I think it is too old technology....

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