Where can I watch new movies online for free with now download?
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I would love to watch movies online, but am having a hard time to find places that don’t require me to either join their site or pay for the movies. I do not want to download them just sit and watch them on my computer.

Also is it illegal to just watch them online? I know that it is illegal to download.

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Answers (19)
  • helena

    go to http://www.cokencorn.com
    they have some great movies, battleship, hunger games, etc...

  • dina vanmeter

    I always go to hulu.com, aetv, discover.com, etc.. or i search video.google.com for the movie as opposed to just youtube.com. if you search video.google.com you get a ton more options to choose from and you will be surprised at how many uploads of what you are searching for are available for you. also, you can search for "free full movie" or "free full documentaries" to get more results available to you than the ones i just listed..

  • Jordan Smith

    It is still a gray area in the United States right now and due to the sopa backlash last year yes it is still legal to watch movies online streamed. You break the law when you download them or profit from them in some way. All my friends use http://www.MovieMyWay.com , as they are free and dont require anyone to sign up for anything. Hope that helps ya.

  • E

    If you're watching from the UK, http://www.TV-replay.co.uk has a range of free, legal programmes and films listed!

  • Hana

    good work naomi .

  • reginal byrin

    thank you

  • filimia

    You will also find some good movies here http://filimia.blogspot.com

  • terry

    i love to wach action movie looking good

  • Mike

    It is illegal to download copyrighted films online which are not licensed, and you know if a website is licensed because it will force you to watch advertisements (like Hulu). However you can watch and download films legally which have no copyright. These films are called public domain films and are typically older (1960's and before), but if you like the kind of stuff
    is a great place to get those old movies. Movies like Night of the Living Dead (1968)and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920).

  • niceMan

    thx for link naomi
    i love it... but some times video work only after refresh

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