How can I watch mobile Facebook videos on my PC?

Nibir Farhan May 6, 2010
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I have a slow internet connection (only 256 kb/s). Facebook videos require ages to load. Most of the time I have to download and watch it.

I know Facebook mobile version ( works pretty good on mobile phone, videos play without buffering. I tried to watch videos from Facebook mobile, but couldn’t get any luck. The site opens, but whenever I click on a video my media player starts and says rendering failed.

It seems Facebook mobile uses rtsp protocol which PC can’t handle. I tried lots of tricks like Safari user agent switcher, Firefox add-ons, VLC player streaming, Real Player, Quick Player etc. etc. but nothing proved handy. I have K-lite mega codec pack and many media players on my PC, so there’s nothing more to do with codecs and player support.

Now can anybody give me a 100% working solution of this problem? Please try yourself first and then answer it. Don’t tell me to convert directly to 3GP via online. I want to watch instant Facebook mobile version videos directly without buffering and downloading anything. The video size or quality doesn’t matter. Thanks.

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