How can I watch live football on my PC for free?
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How can I watch live football on my PC for free?

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  • Biankzai21

    I recommend this website , you can download programs called tvuplayer or sopcast and you can watch any sport games on them.. there’s plenty to choose from and they’re high quality. goodluck !

  • Ashu Fidelis Etah

    can football live

  • Paul

    I made a website myself to show the best football

  • Aibek

    there a tool called Myp2p that you can use to stream live games. The site having problems with authoritieis in EU now and temporarily available under a different domain name. Follow them on Twitter to get the latest updates on the site,!/Myp2p

  • Dave LeClair

    I would recommend taking a look at a program called SOPcast ( It allows to watch like programming from all around the world. Many channels on there are sports related, and I know a lot of users stream football. Also check out this site for a list of all channels on SopCast They have channels dedicated to both American Football and and Soccer Football, as well as Mixed Martial Arts Baseball and pretty much anything else you could imagine. That said, I’m fairly sure most of these streams would be considered illegal depending where you live, but any method to stream Football online is going to illicit.

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