How do I watch Internet videos on my television?

March 9, 2014
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My Roku is set up and works properly. What I am looking for now is an app (private channel) that will let me surf the web, find something I want to view (just like I would do on my computer), and view it on the TV. I have PlayOn, but PlayOn has its own universe. What I want is “unlimited universe” just like I have on my computer, only I can see it on my TV instead of sitting in front of my computer and monitor to view.

A second item I am looking for is a global search through all the private channels I have. I have several free movie channels. If I use Roku Search, it only checks certain movie channels. I want a search engine that does a global search of all the channels I have (as well as their sub directories) to see if it can find the name of the movie or name of the actor or actress I list. Has anyone came up with a method to do that yet. Maybe we need to call it the Google search channel.

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