Was my laptop a good deal?
Question by Pooky Joralyn /
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I just bought a Lenovo E49, machine type 3464, at the price of $420 greenbacks.
The specs are:
Intel Core i3-2328M @ 2.2GHz
4GB of RAM
500GB HDD @ 5400rpm
Intel HD 3000 (meh!)
2 USB 3.0 + 2 USB 2.0
No bluetooth, WiFi b/g/n, with card reader and HDMI
Is it a bargain or not?

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Answers (29)
  • peter_lydon

    IN my experience, anything with an i3 processor is fairly useless. Seems a fair bit of money considering things should be much cheaper State-side.

  • Donald Schultz

    I think you got a good deal on it. We use Lenovo's at my workplace and have had nothing but positive things to say about them. Good price too by the way. Have fun with it.

  • Alan Wade

    You say you have already bought it and want to know if we think its a good deal but the real question is do YOU think its a good deal?
    What I would typically buy might not suit your taste as what you but might not suit mine.
    I could look up the price of that machine here in Sweden but what you get for your money here isnt the same as what you get from your part of the world.

    The deal is done and you obviously liked the machine at the price you paid so all that remains to be said is enjoy!

    • Pooky Joralyn

      I think so, but I want some outside opinions. Anyway, thanks for yours.

  • Dave Parrack

    It looks like a good machine, so go ahead and enjoy it. The money has been spent now, so as long as it's doing everything you're asking of it, don't stress it.

  • Chris Marcoe

    Seems like you got a good price. The question, really, is whether it is going to cover all of your needs. If it does, then yes, you got a good deal.

  • Solrac Amarok

    It sounds like an avarage laptop... wait No wifi? Well there's some extra money to waste in a USB adapter e.e as for bluetooth, you can get a an adapter too for pretty cheap (10~30). In my cases (Casual Development) I think it's good But that fact of no wifi sorta kills it for me... If you're for gaming, you might want to either get a better graphic card or get more RAM. The disk is fine, Processor, also. So for me I think it's a 50/50

  • susendeep dutta

    I think that they should have included the Bluetooth which wont have added too much to the cost.

    Moreover,whatever you have got it wont get replaced with another one if you are not content with the specs.But overall,it's a decent laptop to work with.

  • justinpot

    You did well considering the price. I'd say go ahead and enjoy your laptop – agonizing over whether you got a good deal isn't going to help anyone.

  • SaapeXD MoHods

    Its pretty good if you dont do graphics / vfx designing , developing, gaming etc.. ( things that require better hardware requirements) but rather do web browsing, watching movies (like most of us does)

  • DalSan M

    For web browsing, social media and social gaming, word processing, mild photo and video editing, it is a pretty good buy. If you were expecting decent gaming, then it would not offer that good of an experience. For heavy video and photo editing, it will do okay, but not as fast as you might like. Except for the graphics, it is a well rounded machine fit general use. An AMD A-8 or A-10 would have given a better experience with more recent games and many video and photo editing tasks, but basic data processing would not be as good as what you purchased.

    Depending on your geographic area, it is a decent buy, especially if it is brand new.

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