How can I view only specific emails in my Yahoo Mail inbox?
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Is there a way in Yahoo Mail to call up all mail from a particular sender? For example if you have 1100 un-read emails, can you just call up ones from Joe or mom or whatever?

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Answers (3)
  • tracy

    Thank you. It worked. =-)

  • Anonymous

    Searching Messages

    How to Sort Unread Emails in Yahoo Mail?

    Find All Mail from a Sender Fast in Yahoo! Mail
    To search for all messages from a contact in Yahoo! Mail:  •Open a message from the contact. •Click on the sender's name or email address in the message's header area. •To find also messages you sent to the contact, remove "from:" from the text automatically entered in the search field and click Go. 

    Sort Messages in Yahoo! Mail

    To sort a folder in Yahoo! Mail: 
    •Click on the column header (read status, From, Subject, Date, Size, attachment status and flag status for Yahoo! Mail; Sender, Subject, Date, or Size in Yahoo! Mail Classic) you want to use for sorting. •Click again to reverse the sort order.
    To have Yahoo! Mail deliver messages from a certain sender to a particular folder automatically: •In Yahoo! Mail: •Select Options | Mail Options from the toolbar. •Go to the Filters category. •Follow the Create or edit filters link. •In Yahoo! Mail Classic: •Follow the Options link from your Yahoo! Mail welcome page. •Click Filters under Management. •Click the Add button. •Type the sender's name under Filter Name. •Enter the desired sender's email address under From header: contains. •Make sure match case is not checked. •Under Move the message to:, select the desired target folder from the - Choose Folder - drop-down menu. •If you have not yet created a folder for the contact, select [New Folder]. •Click Add Filter. •If you selected [New Folder], type the desired name of the folder (often the name of the correspondent) under Please enter a name for your folder. and click OK.

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