How can I view a private Facebook wall?
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How can I view a person’s private Facebook wall?

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Answers (31)
  • mystique

    For the person who said "you are ridiculous", you need 2 see just passed your own opinion here otherwise leave the site. These people obviously have a perfectly good explaination as to why they need 2 see a private wall. Its a good question 2 - how to see a private wall. That's why google is here William. I was personally curious to whether or not it works as I have someone slating my friend on his wall & I can't see it anymore because he's blocked me...the only ridiculous thing about facebook is how immature people get with it.

  • Gawaishubham789

    i'm his friend but he blocked his wall pls help me how can i see his wall?

    • Jay.0

      You can't, only your friend can decide who can see what on his profile.
      But you can still see his public activities and updates on his wall.

  • RUDOLPH1954


  • John

    Person blocked me, I can't get into they wall. ,but I can see their profile picture& their profiles of what music they like& etc, why is that????

  • Heather Burtoft

    i am a friend of the person i want to view friends list of but they obviously never go on fbook so dont respond but i need to add a mutual friend, but he has his friends hidden is there any way i can get access to them ???

    • Aibek

      If his/her friends are hidden from friends I doubt you will be able to view them unless there is a some kind of hack Facebook doesn't know about yet. I am not aware of any though. You may want to try asking this as a new questions posting specifically what you want to do, maybe someone shares a few handy tips. To ask a new question on MakeUseOf Answers go to,

    • Alison Shurman

      Question my former friend is not my friend on fb but I look occasionally to see if a default pic has changed. It automatically goes to info. Just realized when I click on the wall button I can see her wall! But it only shows me like 4 things. People who's pages she's commented on or one person who posted on her page. But no precepts history or status's. What's that about?

  • william

    you all are ridiculous

  • Khairulsyazwanfawwaz

    what happen if i say i must see private wall???but i really dunno how wife getting change .....she like hiding ???please ..i really need it ...i jz wan to do what suppose i do when i so love her .....

  • Umar khanz

    you can view some one's friends easily. but you must be added by your friend even restricted.
    on your wall some times you observe a list of people with heading :"People you may know" having option 1 Mutual Friend beneth them. click on this option or just point each picture for some time and you will see the person belongs to.
    cheers. . . 
    its Umar Khan

  • Vanessa

    how can i view someones friends on facebook if thrr private??????????????/ help [lzzzz

  • Jkljl

    My sister and I are friends on facebook but she clicked on status and then clicked on the lock and hit customize and added my name to the except list. I can see pics, info, videos, still listed as sister..the whole nine yards. Nothing like making it obvious. 

    • Jack Cola

      That's because it's only for that status update, and if you tick make default, then that will only be for your wall. For everything else that you mentioned, you need to go into privacy settings.

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