How can I view Netflix or Blockbuster in Germany?

null February 18, 2011
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I have a Oppo BD-93 Blu-ray player. I am in Germany (US Military) and trying to get Netflix and Blockbuster to work on my Blu-ray player, but it comes up as only available in USA.

I tried using the Connectify Me software, which turns your laptop with Windows 7 into a wireless hotspot along with ip cloaker VPN software. I have my Oppo running wireless through my laptop to my wireless router, hoping it would tunnel it through my laptop’s VPN software and show up as a US IP, but it still blocks me saying ‘only available in USA’ when I try to run Netflix or Blockbuster.

Am I missing something here? I can access the web on my laptop and it brings up a US IP, but for some reason it is still able to see I am coming from Germany. Any ideas? Thanks!

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