Why can I not view my messages and chat on Facebook?
Question by Gwen Hartman /

On my Facebook page I am not able to pull up my messages. The red number at the icons appears but when I click there, it just whites out. I am also unable to see the chat area.

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Answers (9)
  • Nadine Leavitt

    My messages will not show on my facebook. They did earlier today.

  • mohamed shiyam

    why can i not view my messages and chat plz help

  • Anonymous

    Have you an updated anti-virus?

    Uninstall adobe flash player and adobe shockwave in your computer, reboot and reinstall.

    FIREFOX:1:- TOOLS> OPTIONS> PRIVACY tab then Clear your recent history, Remove your all cookiesclick on CONTENT tab inside the OPTIONScheck BLOCK POP-UP WINDOWS then click Exceptions button next to this option remove facebook if listedcheck LOAD IMAGES AUTOMATICALLY then click Exceptions button next to this option remove facebook if listedcheck ENABLE JAVESCRIPT

    • Jeffery Fabish

      Facebook doesn’t implement flash for either chat or messages. It uses Javascript (and the jQuery library) & PHP. I don’t see how an anti-virus would have anything to do with this situation.

    • Anonymous

      Updating all of java components also has to be done, is just to be sure that the firewall of the antivirus is not preventing facebook display, or ad blockers does this also.

    • Jeffery Fabish

      Javascript is not the same as Java, try again? y/N:

  • Jeffery Fabish

    I sometimes get alerted that I have Facebook updates, however when I click on them I actually dont. I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but there is a glitch.

    As for chat not showing up, clear your browser cache then close it. Re-open your browser and try again. Make sure you’re using a modern browser (check your browser for updates). 

  • Tina


    what browser are you using to view Facebook?

    For how long has this been going on? Did you change something in your browser maybe?

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