Why can I not view the folders on my external hard disk?
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I have a problem with my external hard disk. I saved some school documents on my drive. When I got to the school computer to copy my home task, I copied&pasted, then I noticed all my folders went missing, except ones that are not in folder. I still have my used memory, but can’t see my folders. Please help me!

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Answers (59)
  • Omar Fleifel


    "Go to Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization->Folder Options
    In view tab check show hidden file and also show protect folder of system
    on “Start” –>Run–>type cmd and click on OK.
    if your hard drive as G:
    Enter this command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:*.*
    Then check if your real files will be showed"

  • Nicos Agroyiannis

    Hello ha14

    You have helped me as well. You are great. Thank you !!!

  • Nuon

    so did I,I still can not solve this problem. all recommendations nowadays can not help anything.We have to wait about 5years more.thanks

  • Quiphen96

    ha14, thanks bro! cmd really worked for me! Thanks! :)

  • kikila

    My Western Digital external hard drive, the power does not work. How do I get my files out of this drive?

  • Alabi Dayo

    you are to good

  • kobicabunoc

    thanks a lot,it also solve my problem,mine is WD 500gigs external HD,i used attrib -s -h /s /d.

  • Amar harde

    i had problem of my file it is not opening due to i had been protected my file from cmd command in such way .1)i had selected paritcular folder.eg:d folder
    2) then i had given this command"cacls filename /e /p everyone:n".
    then this folder was protected but when i format my c .this folder was not opening please give me answer of this question please i am in problem please solve this problem please anybody help me i will be thank for that person please

  • mohd sibi

    i have 500gb external hard disk,but everytime i connect to my laptop,my laptop or other pc/laptop cannot search/read the files inside it but all files are inside it,i also still can read/search the folders/files inside use a manual search only.its take a lot of time to found all files inside,why?
    in my hdisk all kind of karaoke songs.

  • God Father

    dude your so fuckin awsome.. ur command worked out really thank you so much @Ha14

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