How can I make video calls from ym Motorola Fire XT530 to a PC?
Question by Sahil Dave /

I have a Motorola Fire XT530 Android smartphone with a front facing camera. What app can make a video call to a PC? Skype does not seem to work.

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  • maria victoria alpacaway

    how can i set up Yahoo Mail on my Moto FireXT530

  • Chris Matt

    Hey guys its a great phone though it has low memory but after rooting your phone and increasing phone memory by linking files on the phone to sd card… for more details check xda developers… click here

    you will all wonder what a great phone you have with an affordable price

  • vijay

    have a Motorola Fire XT530 Android smartphone with a front facing camera. What app can make a video call to any other front camara

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Have you tried apps suggested below like Tango,Oovoo ?

  • Alok Ranjan Dash

    it has very less internal memory , so dont install too many apps otherwise it will slows down

  • Alok Ranjan Dash

    use yahoo messenger app from google play store , it works grt in this phone I have this phone and I have tested this app, u can make voice call as well as video call. while making video call make sure u have sufficient light on your face or in surrounding. skype also works ok but it get hanged sometimes.

  • Indronil Mondal

    you can use
    fring or

    • Indronil Mondal

      note  nimbuzz has a desktop client, fring is available only in mobile

  • Susendeep Dutta

    I think that you must restart your phone and see whether the notification of “phone number not verified”  is gone or not or you can wait for 1 day to see another message stating that your number is verified.

    Regarding the T icon staying in the notification bar,it’s very very necessary as it works in the background to receive calls from other Tango users.Don’t kill this app.

  • Susendeep Dutta

    Tango app is very good replacement for Skype as it works with great number of devices –

    To make phone call to a PC ,visit the article link below –

    Tango – A Budding Skype Alternative For Android, iOS & Windows –

    • Sahil Dave

      Thanks for the reply…i have downloaded the app on my mobile and my pc; made two different accounts. On pc, its working fine but on my phne, the application does nothing when started…an orange screen with tango logo comes up for a second and it crashes to the previous screen. no error msgs are shown.
      i have already moved the app to SD card

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Does your phone have less internal memory?

      I think that Tango app might be crashing because it has been moved to SD card.Try clearing data of Tango by going to Settings–> Applications–>Manage Applications then select Tango and tap on Clear history and clear data.

      If this doesn’t works,then move Tango back to internal memory.

    • Sahil Dave

      158MB is the internal memory. I moved and tried but it still crashes to the screen. Is there any other app u know?

    • Sahil Dave

      hey the app worked after couple of reinstallations…thanks a lot…but there is a notification in my phne from tango – “phne number not verified”…although i am able to make calls but its annoying to see an orange T in the notification bar in the phne

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