Why am I getting a ‘VGA No Signal’ error message when I start my computer?
Question by william workman /

When I start my computer a message comes up: VGA no signal. Was told it was my monitor & tower cord, so I tried my brothers’ monitor on my computer, same thing. I believe my monitor setting is off.

I have a Compaq Presario SR5410F Windows Vista desktop. Please help, tired of seeing this Attention VGA No Signal.

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Answers (5)
  • James Bruce

    More than likely your video card has come loose. Open up your PC, and reseat it, or get a geeky friend to do it if you;re not confident. 

  • Snoodking

    It could be a cable, video card, bad motherboard, bad cpu, etc.  There is no one answer here that anyone can validate without troubleshooting properly.  Take it to your local repair shop to have it properly diagnosed. 


    Hello, you might as well make sure that your vga cable is hooked up right on both ends….it might be loose.

  • empyrean_surfer

    check for broken pins on your video cable, check to make sure the driver is active, and finally you need to make sure the video card itself is working. You can use another monitor and another video cable to do that. 

  • Gustavo Ibarguengoytia

    Since you are plugin two devices to one another it is possible that either one is failing. Try plugin your monitor to your brother’s PC, did it work? If it did, plus what you have already mentioned, I am inclined to suggest that the problem is your video card. Do you have another card available that you can swap momentarily for yours?

    Check the pins and connectors for bothe your PC and the monitor itself.

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