Can I use USB 2.0 drive in a USB 3.0 Port?
Question by Farhan Karim /
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I am buying a Dell Inspiron 15z. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports, but I have two 8GB USB 2.0 flash drives. Will those work?

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Answers (16)
  • Alex Perkins

    Yes but you will only get USB 2.0 speeds of up to 480Mbits/s or 60 megabytes a second.

  • Pk Apratwad

    yes why not

  • Dewan Shrestha

    yes usb 2.0 is compatible with usb3.0 port but usb 3.0 wouldnot be compatible with usb 2.0 port

  • Moonlight M3lody

    As far as I know, it’s usable, though your USB drive wouldn’t get the speed advantage

  • Alex Olariu

    yes, usb technology is backwards compatible

  • Jeff Hamilton

    Sure. They are backwards-compatible, and will work just fine!

  • Oron

    Yes, USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with previous versions. See .

    • On The Fly Productions; Maine Wedding DJ

      I am a DJ. I just purchased an Audio Interface (Traktor Audio 2). I can’t get it to work at all with my USB 3.0 ports; I have Windows 7.I have been on the phone with “Native Intruments”, the manufacturer off and on and one of their techs finally fessed up and told me that they have been having serious issues with their current devices working with Windows 3.0.
      So as you can see 3.0 is not entirely backwards compatible. If you have a fix besides converting all of my ports to 2.0 speed I would thank you! I might even try that if I can be assured it wouldn’t cause more issues…

  • Sc Ling

    Yes, you can but data reading and transferring would be at the USB 2.0 slower speed. You have to use a USB 3.0 devices in order to enjoy the higher 3.0 speed.

  • Suman Acharya

    yes but with all the features of usb 2.

  • Mihovil Pletikos

    yes but you won’t get usb 3.0 speeds

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