Should I upgrade Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP and will it change my settings?
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I have IE 7, Windows XP – should I install Internet Explorer 8 and if I do, will it change my settings?

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Answers (3)
  • JoeyDee

    IE8 got a (deserved, IMHO) bad rap when it originally went RTW, but has since improved (or so I’ve read/heard) If you MUST use Ex-PLODE-r, keep yourself safe and use the latest production release of Ex-PLODE-r . I found it (IE8) runs fine and instability is usually due to Plugins/Toolbars. Disable any un-needed plugins/toolbars/accelerators – Tools, Manage Add-Ons, Toolbar and Extensions).

    I’m a Firefox user so I had an easy choice:  I just updated IE 7 to IE8, then ignored it (LOL) I only use IE8 for Windows Updates and the occasional ActiveX utility.
    If you really want IE8 then read IE8 Installation Prerequisites:
    Good luck.

  • sushil kumar

    hey null change your browser because it is more vulnerable than other browser like firefox,chrome,opera etc. By using these you are more secure & stay away from virus,keyloogers etc.Moreover you can not use latest IE9 because it is not supported by window xp.also these browser are more faster and you can add addon easily.

  • Anonymous

    Nope download firefox. IE sucks. Slow and unsecure. A bunch of crap.

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