How can I upgrade my BlackBerry OS and how do I unlock it before activating it?

Gustavo Ibarguengoytia April 16, 2011
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I just received a BlackBerry Tour 9360 with no phone number on it. I know I need to activate it to get a phone number, but first I want to unlock it, so I can take it to a different carrier and update the software (OS) on it.

It’s currently running v4.7.1.53 and according to the BB website I can update it to OS 5. However, whenever I try to update the OS it says that the phone is up-to-date with v4.7.1.53 and instead invites me (the BlackBerry Desktop Software) to subscribe to a mailing list for updates for the BB Desktop Software, which makes no sense at all. How can I update my BB without the BlackBerry Desktop Software or BB website?

I know that I need a MEP code to unlock my phone and my web surfing and investigations have told me that I need to contact the current service provider and ask for the MEP code by giving them my IMEI code. Here is the problem: I can’t call the carrier’s cust. serv. because I don’t have a number with them and whenever I try to call I am greeted by a recording asking for my telephone number, which I don’t have. I already tried with a friend’s number, but then I was told that if I wasn’t asking for help for a device that is using that number they couldn’t help me at all. So how the F do I get the MEP code to unlock my BB without going through the original service provider?

I am currently looking at support forum but that thing is a mess.

Thanks for your help.

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