How can I update BIOS on my Windows 7 Home Premium system?
Question by Myke46 /

I would like to know how to update the BIOS on my Windows 7 Home Premium(x64)system.

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Answers (3)

    Hello, Is this a brand name computer like dell, toshiba, hp, etc?  or a home built system?  If it is a brand name computer, you could go to the computer’s manufacturer site and the BIOS drivers should be there.  When you go to the site, you have to find the support page and look for your computer model.  After you choose your model, it usually asks you for your operating system, also if it is running 32 or 64 bits.  In your case, it is 64 bits, so make sure you pick Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits drivers.  The BIOS downloads for your model should be on a heading by itself, if they are not, they are located with all the other drivers.  Once you download the drivers, make sure to read the instructions about how to install it.  If it is a laptop, make sure that you are connected to an outlet, not on battery. 

    If it is a home/shop built computer, you will have to find out the motherboard model and manufacturer.  You can about it different ways.  If it is a desktop, you can open the tower and find out the model number and manufacturer there.  You can use software like the ones mentioned above, or you could try something like Speccy:


  • Jay

    you should back up your bios before updating.

    To know your bios version :  type msinfo32 in run menu

    To know your mother board :
    use cpuid :
    download :

    then download update from the manufacturer site

    Read this :

  • M.S. Smith

    BIOS updates are unrelated to the operating system. In order to update, you need to know what motherboard you are using. This can be doing using a tool like PC Wizard.

    Once you know your motherboard, visit the manufacturer’s support site to see if a BIOS update is available and follow their instructions. It is very important to follow their instructions closely, as BIOS corrupt can knock a motherboard out of commission. 

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