How can I update my Android?
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I can’t seem to install Android applications because my phone is not updated. How can I update it?

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Answers (16)
  • wajid ali

    my mobile is samsung galaxy s1,my mobile market not work to downlod any apps, please help me,thnkx

  • vasista

    my model is GT-I5801 IT is on 2.1 version i want to upgarade it please say me how it possible

  • ko kyaw

    i want to upgrade my IVIO android DE 88 plugs

  • bm

    When i click on firm ware it says there is an update but it doesnt do anything

  • Homeroaguilariii013

    Samsung transfix

  • Mjevolve

    hello . 

    it might be that your manufacturer no longer supports pushing OTA OS updates for your phone's model any more .
    if it is the case , then you cannot upgrade your phone OS any way , other than via rooting .

    Root your phone , and you can free yourself from any restrictions and enjoy the latest and better ROMs than the default stock on the phone .

    check this Android guide on MUO for the benefits of rooting --

    if you decide to root , tell , i can guide you from where to begin ....

    • Suju6

      i bot a Chinese tablet which came with Android 2.2. could you please guide me how to upgrade that to higher versions. 

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Upgrading your tablet means upgrading its ROM which is device specific and no other ROMs will work fine with your tablet.So,you must check for FOTA updates.

  • Jeff Fabish

    Checking for Android updates
    1.) Power up the phone and press “Menu” to unlock it
    2.) Push the “Home” key
    3.) Push the “Menu” button.
    4.) Touch the screen or use the navigator wheel to select the “Settings” option.
    Within the “Settings” menu, select the “About phone” option that is found towards the bottom of the list. This option displays the version number and build number of Android that is running on the phone.
    5.) Touch the “System updates” option. This causes the phone to look for any new Android updates. If an update is available, the phone will download and install it.

    Directions from TalkAndroid

    • Prem_polladhavan

      It says no update found mine is pop 2.3.4.. But my frnds told der is a higher version

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Updates are issued regional wise and not for all at the same time.SO,keep checking for updates.

    • Ang

      My Android doesnt show a "System Updates" thing in the "About Phone" option...ive been looking for a way to see if i need an update or not because i accidentally got rid of the notification for it awhile ago. please help.

    • Susendeep Dutta

      If your phone manufacturer provides facility of updating your phone via computer then you can check for updates using their PC suite.

    • smayonak

      Hello. The "system update" option only works if it's supported by your carrier AND by the handset manufacturer. Also, if it popped up, then it's likely you have it available as an option. FYI, two things determine whether or not your phone has an option to upgrade the software: manufacturers and carriers.

      First, different handset manufacturers have differing reputations for releasing updated versions of their drivers. HTC is probably the best and Motorola one of the worst. If you have a no-brand/obscure tablet, software updates are extremely unlikely. Roughly 50% of HTC devices get an upgrade (as of the publish date of the article).

      Second, as far as carriers go, Verizon is the best. They upgraded 30% of their phones' operating systems in 2010 to Froyo. Other carriers did not upgrade as often (see link below).

      There are also the option of Over the Air Updates (OTA) which only some handset manufacturers offer. Basically you can install a software package through USB but the process is relative complex. Try Googling the name of your phone plus the term "OTA UPDATE".

      Search the list below for phones that have been upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich and the various methods for upgrading (Android 4):

  • Jay

    Which is your phone model ? method of firmware update will depend on your phone model.
    Check your phone for software update option , or check the manual.

    • Dipak magdum

      My model is samsung galaxy pop plus with android version 2.3 and I want to update my android versiin plz help me

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