How can I uninstall RAS Async adapter and where can I download the latest driver?
Question by Saikat Basu /
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There’s a problem with my RAS Async adapter. It cannot be uninstalled as it is probably an essential service. Is there a way to uninstall it? And then, can someone suggest a source to download the driver? A Google search hasn’t turned up anything. I am running Windows XP on an Acer Aspire 4710 machine. Thanks in advance!

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Answers (5)
  • AttilaBleda

    Open command prompt as administrator
    and type;

    netcfg -e -u SW{eeab7790-c514-11d1-b42b-00805fc1270e}


    it will depart RAS Async adapter from device manager

  • Anonymous


    "This issue can occur if the RAS or NDISWAN component is corrupted. The
    problem can occur after removing some 3rd party program such because the uninstallation program may not be designed very well.

    1. Remove Modem driver from the Device Manager.

    - Right click My Computer and select Properties.

    - Click on Hardware, Device Manager. Click on + sign by modem, right click and
    uninstall modem.

    2. Delete the dial up connections and remove 3rd party RAS related
    program if any.

    3. Run the attached file to install RArepair.exe, then run RArepair.exe to
    reinstall RAS components. Reboot.

    4. Reinstall Modem driver and the 3rd party dial up program if it is
    required by your ISP.

    5. Recreate the dial up connection and check if the problem is resolved."

    go to this site and there is a repair file, download and give a try

    Or create a disable button for that driver, Ras Async Adapter! Heres how:
    Drive C, Windows, System 32, Drivers, Asyncmac.Sys, then right click, rename that driver to Asyncmac_Sys.Bak. Then go back to device manager, view, show hidden devices, and there is a big ol' yellow ! next to that driver. Right click, and see it now has a disable button!!!!!

    to download a new driver for the Modem is from the manufacturer’s site!

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